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Jan 14

Rental of Voice Recorders

Rental of Voice Recorder Recording is mandatory in many business environments. However, for start-ups and third party call centres, investing in a professional voice logger may be a struggle because of the high cost. In Aeradio Technology, we offer rental of voice loggers especially to third party call centres. The recordings can be archived to …

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Nov 01

Simultaneous Playback of Multiple Voice Recordings

Multiple channel playback

Advance Playback Application Red Box Recorders advanced replay application, provides users with the ability to pull together voice recordings from multiple sources (channels) across a wide time-line, to provide a single coherent reconstruction of audio events, as they happened across a whole enterprise or network. It is a easy to use graphical interface allowing authorised …

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Sep 26

Voice Recording of Counter conversations and Meeting rooms

There are a lot more monetary transactions over the counter and meeting rooms nowadays. As such, recording of verbal transaction is absolutely necessary to avoid subsequent misunderstanding. For recording of counter conversations and meeting rooms, an appropriate microphone is very important.  The primary consideration for choosing a microphone is the coverage. We don’t want the …

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Aug 30

Benefits of Active VoIP Phone Recording

Active VoIP recording involves sending a replica of captured audio from a gateway, conference bridge or IP-phone to the recording system using standard network routing.  Red Box Recorders integrate with a number of Contact Centre solutions in order to facilitate Active VoIP recording.  Red Box is currently certified from Avaya, Mitel and Alcatel for call …

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Aug 04

How to record VoIP phones

VoIP Phone recording

There are 2 methods to record VoIP phones, we call them Active VOIP recording or Passive VoIP recording. Let’s talk about passive VoIP recording in this post. The passive recording method is achieved by connecting the recorder to a monitor port of a switch (SPAN/RSPAN port). The monitor port receives all of the traffic for …

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Jul 27

How long should I keep my voice recording?

What does MAS say about telephone recording? 8.1 For investigating and resolving differences and disputes, quick resolution is facilitated by tape recordings of telephone conversations. The use of recording equipment in the offices of Banks and Brokers is strongly recommended. Firms should inform their counterparties and clients that conversations will be recorded upon installation of …

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Jul 13

How to Parallel Two Voice Recorders

When we parallel 2 voice loggers for redundancy, it is important to note the tapping point. Long cables come with undesirable inductance and capacitance that may cause impedance mismatch thus affecting quality of recording. The following recommendation will save you time and money from troubleshooting.

Jun 08

Career in Aeradio Technology

We have immediate vacancy for Sale Engineer Position. The job – Sales and Marketing of Voice logging, Quality Monitoring and Audio Analytic solutions. Our requirement – Diploma, goal getter and willing to learn. Interest applicant, kindly send you resume to Thank you!!

Jun 02

Why choose IP PBX

There are 3 primary reasons. The first being cost saving. Since business usually has network link between offices, adoption of VoIP PBX significantly lowers inter office communication charges. The second being “Business Flexibility”. E.g. virtual call centre routing calls between sites. The is evident by call centres transferring operation to other countries for more cost …

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May 18

Do Not Call Registry

Reference from The Straits Times 15th May 2013; Come Jan 2 next year, consumers can start adding their phone numbers to the national Do-Not-Call Registry to avoid getting calls and messages from telemarketers. The Government-funded registry is a key part of the new Data Protection Bill, which became law on Jan 2 this year. The …

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