Benefits of Active VoIP Recording

Active VoIP recording involves sending a replica of captured audio from a gateway, conference bridge or IP-phone to the recording system using standard network routing.  Red Box Recorders integrate with a number of Contact Centre solutions in order to facilitate Active VoIP recording.  Red Box is currently certified from Avaya, Mitel and Alcatel for call conferencing on their latest Media Server releases. Active VoIP solutions offer a number of advantages over Passive VoIP recording solutions especially in complex or spatially dispersed networks.  Active VoIP recording relies on another component sending a duplicate copy of the audio to the recorder from a Media Server.  Because the Media Server is sending the VoIP audio to the recorder it is generally able to send audio for a range of TDM and IP devices.  Whilst Passive VoIP recording solutions are reliant upon the data which is presented to them, Active VoIP solutions can record all calls centrally within a Data Centre or Hosted Environment without requiring additional network configuration.  Of course, it is important to take into account the additional bandwidth required for the Call Conferencing.