Nov 01

Simultaneous Playback of Multiple Voice Recordings

Advance Playback Application

Red Box Recorders advanced replay application, provides users with the ability to pull together voice recordings from multiple sources (channels) across a wide time-line, to provide a single coherent reconstruction of audio events, as they happened across a whole enterprise or network. It is a easy to use graphical interface allowing authorised users the ability to search for audio content across the entire system of voice recorders and channels, based on any stored parameter. Select, review and collate based on any stored data, then review as a complete reconstruction of the events. The result is a graphical representation of the audio communications by channel, talk group, extension, user ID (or any other stored parameter) across a timeline that clearly shows when events happened and their relationship to other events.

 Multiple channel playback


Combine this with full control over replay, allowing pitch corrected playback – faster or slower than real time, muting and volume control of individual channels, silence suppression, spoken date and time, plus the ability to export it all to a standard electronic format for output and distribution, Red Box offers the answer for organisations and users demanding advanced search and control of audio communications across their system(s), consolidating communications into a single source for ease of analysis, review and disclosure.