A professional voice logger system or voice recording system can be a strong positive force for organizational advantage, it can also prove a valuable ally when things go wrong. Other advantage of voice recorded evidence helps resolve disputes over accuracy of verbal advice or instructions like;

  • Clarifying hurried or garbled messages
  • Mediating when customers or staff complain
  • Trapping nuisance or abusive callers
  • Reduce exposure to liability

For hundreds and thousands of customer services and claims, verifying who said what to whom, and when they said it, can make all the difference in the world. An impartial and utterly reliable witness to every important telephone call can make life simpler. The unflinching honesty of voice recording system make it easy to:

Play back live calls to personnel, spotting improvement opportunity

  • Keep on going records for staff evaluation
  • Track work flow/process efficiency
  • Improve customer service

Here is a preview of how useful and efficient friendly Red Box Recorders can be:





Recording of Mobile Phones

VoxSmart has 10 years experience as innovators on Mobile Communication Capture using patented and encrypted recording solution.  Some features as follows; COMPLIANCE – MIFID II, DODD FRANK TITLE VII AND FCA COMPLIANT.  Providing compliance with global regulation on information retention relating to the capture and storage of electronic communication. OMNI CHANNEL COMPLIANCE – Recording of …

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Recording of Microphone over IP

We hear VoIP recordings very often, but have you ever hear of recording of microphones over IP? The “Microphone on IP” solution is ideal for Face to Face recording, using DC-AudioPOINT to acquire face-to-face conversation via microphone and converts it into VoIP codec before streaming to recording server through IP network. Please do not hesitate …

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Recording voip phones

Simple steps to record VoIP Phones.

The Call Recorder VoIP can be used to record one IP Phone on your desk, an IP soft client on your PC or even record multiple (up to 4) IP channels. Recording starts automatically after configuring the Call Recorder VoIP and the user-friendly software allows the user to quickly retrieve any conversation in a matter of seconds. The Call …

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PCI compliant

What is PCI compliant?

Red Box Recorders bring simplicity to digital recording, with flexible solutions that are easy to specify, install and manage. With a focus on specific market needs, Red Box have developed a range of solutions to enable customers to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and other sensitive information requirements to suppress specific parts of recordings. …

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