Vidicode Single Channel Recorder

Calls will be recorded in hard disk and archive into SD Card automatically. Search and Replay via the recorder unit or SD Card.

Light weight, portable and most importantly reliable. Suitable for help desk, small call centres, emergency service and DR solution.

The Call Recorder Single II is an easy to use, easy to manage
personal desktop recorder which can be connected to almost
every telephone or to other audio sources.

The CR Single II has a proven track-record and is specifically
designed for people who need to refer to their own calls or simply
archive them for reasons of security, reference, training etc.
Recordings can be started automatically or manually and can
be safeguarded against unauthorised playback with a password
or with the optional CryptoCard. Recordings are stored in a
comprehensive archive.

The network connection in combination with Vidicode
database software give the CR Single II great versatility in call
storage and handling.
There are three models of the CR Single II: HD9900, Flash 10
en SD2750. The SD2750 is for digital (S0 / UP)) connections
behind Siemens / Avaya / Philips PBX’s.

• Announcing with voice message before recording
• Answering Machine functionality (only HD9900 & Flash 10)
• Recording On Demand
• Connectivity to other audio sources (radio, microphone)
• Playback via handset, headset or internal speaker
• Direct marking of recordings (e.g. in case of threat)
• E-mailing of recordings (SD2750 only)
• Privacy / Security: protection of recordings with password
or optional CryptoCard

Features & Options

All Singles Channel Recorder comes with
• Network connection
• Internal speaker
• Optional Encryption
• Optional Call Recorder Access Software
• Optional Araña web interface
• Optional SD Interface, SD card, Quick SD Access software

Flash 10
• Max. 10 hours recording capacity
• Optional Headset / Handset / Microphone

• Internal Hard Disk
• Max. 20 400 hours recording capacity
• Optional Headset / Handset / Microphone

• 16 GB internal flash disk
• Max. 2.750 hours recording capacity
• Optional Headset / Microphone

Technical specifications

• Ambient temperature: 0 – 40°C
• Size without handset: 26 x 19 x 5,5 cm
• Size with handset: 26 x 23 x 8,5 cm
• Weight: 900 – 1100 gram
• Power: 90 – 264V~ 47 – 63Hz, consumption 5W

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